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Goldtime celebrated its anniversary with a grand party at Viru Keskus.


On February 8th, Goldtime warmly marked its 25th anniversary. This time, instead of rolling out the red carpet in the atrium of Viru Keskus, a blue carpet was laid out instead, because the evening was permeated with the mystically warm theme of a winter night’s dream. Flowing evening gowns and the air filled with festivity and emotions that lasted the entire evening!

The winter crispness outside the window continues, and the mind longs for wonders and magic. For one night, the atrium of Viru Keskus was transformed into a fairy tale world, where mystical characters from the edge of dreams walked, and moods transported you to another time and space. The always radiant Eda-Ines Etti led the guests with flowing ease through twenty-five years of operation on the paths of watch and jewelry paradise, and the evening of wonders kicked off with Elina Nechayeva’s impressive Night Queen’s aria. A moment arose that briefly took everyone’s minds on a journey along the paths of dreams.

ALIKA, who just last week took home five awards from the Estonian Music Awards 2024 gala, also took the stage, pushing energies to new heights together with the Utopia Entertainment show and filling the dance floor with her song “Bon Appetit”. Guests were treated to a captivating acoustic performance by Stig Rästa, an artist who received the Order of the White Star, Class V, last year and whose work is familiar to the Estonian audience from the Eurovision stages.

Goldtime’s founder, Indrek Peterson, wishes to give back to the people who have shaped the company’s journey: “Goldtime is driven by the desire to inspire and fulfill people’s dreams. The key to our quarter-century of success has been the people who have chosen us as their jewelry partner or have contributed their work or creativity to our success story. These are the people we want to thank and to whom we want to give a charge of inspiration and beautiful experiences as a token of our gratitude. Therefore, it was the only right choice to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary together with our customers and partners, enjoying experiences and creating memories together.”

With their own eyes, guests could see how a real wonder of the earth’s crust takes shape as gemstones were polished on-site. Sander Priks, founder of the internationally acclaimed Estonian Gem Factory, known for its perfect polishes, introduced guests to a rich assortment of gemstones and gave advice on how to best take care of them.

The event was attended by famous stars, long-time partners, and employees of Goldtime. Champagne flowed, and guests shared impressions until the late hours of the night.

Photos: Kalev Lilleorg, Maksim Toome

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