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Free Day of Creativity: Well-known jewelry designers, Tanel Padar, and ALIKA will perform at Viru Center


On February 8th, in celebration of Goldtime‘s twenty-five years of operation, a tribute to beautiful creativity will be made. On the free Day of Creativity, the backstage of Estonian jewelry designers’ work will be revealed, trends prevailing in the world of diamonds will be examined, and the secrets of Swiss watchmakers’ quality will be unveiled. Exceptional music performances will be provided by ALIKA and Tanel Padar. The program will start at 14:00 in the atrium of Viru Center.

In panel discussions, the backstage of Estonian jewelry design, the rich world of jewels and watches, and the most common myths will be introduced and debunked. To cover the full spectrum of facts and experiences, esteemed experts as well as enthusiasts in the field will share their knowledge. The day will be moderated by the always elegant Eda-Ines Etti.

The initiator of the free Day of Creativity and the founder of Goldtime, Indrek Peterson, wishes to give back to the people who have shaped the company’s destiny: “Goldtime is driven by the desire to inspire and fulfill people’s dreams. The key to our success in the past twenty-five years has been the people who have chosen us as their jewelry partner or have contributed their work or creativity to our success story. These are the people we want to thank and to whom we want to give inspiration and beautiful experiences as a token of gratitude. Therefore, it was the only right choice to celebrate the company’s 25 years of operation with our clients and partners, by offering them a free Day of Creativity that caters to experiences for the mind, as well as beauty and auditory senses. Everyone interested is welcome.”

This is how you can be part of the Estonian jewelry design panel, where the phenomenon of domestic creativity, the current market situation, the formula for success, and what Estonians actually love to wear are discussed. Experts such as Kaisa Mõru, the marketing manager of Goldtime, Sigrid Kuusk, an unconventional jewelry designer, Tanel Veenre, known for playful patterns and versatile designs, and beloved fashion designer Tiina Talumees, who collaborated with Goldtime to create an elegant jewelry collection called “Must valges” (Black in White), will exchange their thoughts.

The mesmerizing jewelry box of gemstones will also be unveiled, and the question of whether diamonds are still synonymous with luxury will be explored. Discussions will be led by Aveli Kippari, an expert and buyer of Goldtime jewelry, Karin Parras, a gemologist and creator of the luxury brand Karine Parras, Kristi Pärn-Valdoja, editor-in-chief of Säde magazine and a frequent guest on red carpets, and Hanna Loodmaa-Saarmann, the brand and communication manager of Kaubamaja and an admirer of diamonds.

Indrek Peterson, the founder of Goldtime, communication expert and enthusiast of high-quality watches Ivo Kallasmaa, Swiss watch expert Rassel Illak, and journalist and watch enthusiast Tõnu Korrol will shed light on the world-renowned quality of Swiss watchmakers, the fundamentals of the industry, and Estonians’ preferences.

The vibrant stars of the Estonian music scene, ALIKA and Tanel Padar, will create memorable experiences. ALIKA, who brought home five awards at the Estonian Music Awards 2024 gala last week, will perform acoustic versions of her latest songs from the album “ALIKA.” Tanel Padar will captivate hearts with his acoustic set, performing the greatest hits from his repertoire throughout the years.

As part of the free Day of Creativity, you can see with your own eyes at Goldtime store in Viru Center how nature’s true wonders take shape as gemstones, as they are cut and polished on-site. Sander Priks, the founder of Estonian Gem Factory, which has received international recognition for its perfect gemstone cuts, will introduce the rich assortment of gemstones to Goldtime’s visitors and provide advice on how to take care of them.

Join Goldtime’s free Day of Creativity and enjoy intellectual nourishment on February 8th, starting from 14:00, at the atrium of Viru Center.

Check out the detailed program of the free Day of Creativity on Facebook.

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