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FIBIT fashion show offered a fresh look on spring fashion


The traditional fashion show FIBIT for Fashion is Back in Tallinn was staged in Viru Keskus in the beginning of March and brought fresh spring fashion to the fashion audience. The fashion vision offered by the stylists of the show Johanna Eenma and Kenneth Bärlin, the stage running from the escalators to a colourful sea of flowers made of 10,000 tulips and the approach to fashion and beauty were also fresh.

“Nobody could have fared that the traditional fashion show FIBIT staged in Viru Keskus last week on March 11 would be the last fashion event in our country for a long time. All the more we would like to thank everybody involved in organising the event: the employees of the shops and fashion brands in the centre, the organizing team and marketing partners, models and of course our visitors. Fashion will live on and we call on everybody to support people related to fashion through reasonable consuming even in such challenging times.
This time FIBIT was on one hand a tribute to traditions, by offering the classical fashion show format to the public, but on the other hand also a solution in a fresh key by redefining beauty. We wished to inspire the audience not only to find ideas for their spring wardrobes in the outfits marvellously composed by top level stylists, but also to consider the idea that the definition of beauty should not be too narrow,” says Kristel Sooaru, Marketing and Communication Manager of Viru Keskus.

The fashion show was staged by beloved stylists Johanna Eenma and Kenneth Bärlin. “This time I was inspired by the world itself with its diversity and the fashion shops in Viru Keskus enabled the ideas to take the shapes that we just saw,” said stylist Kenneth Bärlin after the FIBIT show.

He added that he combined boldly various patterns, textures, colours and decades, recalling impressions gained from travels and the familiar beach right here. “I have organically blended clothes for men and women as it reflects the cosmopolitan nature of this day and age,” Bärlin said.

“Beauty lies in confidence, like brilliant Kelly Sildaru proved on stage. We wish to feel beautiful, regardless of the time, age or dress size,” Sooaru stated.

FIBIT was organised for the 30th time already. The show staged as much as 50 outfits of fresh spring fashion compiled of the assortments in Viru Keskus’ shops. Musical experience was offered by Anett Kulbin, discs were spinned by Helene Vetik and Madis Nestor, and the event was made to sparkle by Franz Malmstein. The beauty of the models was highlighted by Wella and MaxFactor, the audience received treats from Freixenet and the freshest of fresh smoothies from Blender. Viru Keskus gave also a very special gift to the visitors of the show by drawing one of those who shared their favourite outfit in social media and the lucky person got to keep that outfit.

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