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FIBIT autumn 2020 an unprecedented digital fashion show


During hectic times we seek support in basic life values and it often happens that in revolutionary times the way out is found in beauty and creation. Beauty and creativity saves the world. Fashion as one of the expressions of creativity and its interpretation are the keywords of this autumn’s FIBIT. The 31st fashion season of FIBIT is this time expressed in a way that fashion lovers can enjoy both on the large digital screens in Viru Keskus and in their smart devices. The autumn fashion creations of FIBIT are rolled out in the form of an engaging video artwork.

The most intriguing stylists in Estonia are Liisi Eesmaa and Kenneth Bärlin, who have compiled the FIBIT sets of the fashion items found in Viru Keskus in the manner that enables fashion-aware viewers to discover familiar combinations and thrilling surprises.

The colour range of this season is generally divided into two mega trends: wear a neutral-coloured style from head to toe or the opposite of a full suit in extra bright colours. One can add an eye-catching accessory of an opposing colour.
What matters with accessories is size or the opposite of dainty measurements. Footwear is massive as inspired by the 70s, while bags are tiny as seen on Paris catwalks a couple of years ago. For a more practical solution grab several handbags to accompany your suit.

Fans of a sharp and confident style are still happy to see faux leather in any colours and hues found in autumn nature. Caution: in spite of the varied range wear faux leather also as a full style focused on a single hue.

One of the keywords of the modern fashion scene is releasing any limits and boundaries, like any related to age or gender. Diversity and personal style are highly valued. The age number has no part in defining your own self/style. One can also freely integrate into your wardrobe items designed originally for the opposite gender. This kind of combining enables you to create and achieve a game of new and exciting opposing forms.

Combining allows us to follow the principles of responsibility by mixing new clothes with old favourites and thus extending their useful lives. Preferring higher quality items contributes to the durability and lifetime of clothes.

This autumn anybody can share their styles and creativity with us. When a creative mood strikes you, show your style by using the Instagram and Facebook filter ‘Loov #Mood’, and add hashtags #loovmood and @virukeskus.


Find FIBIT 2020 here.

Contributors to the creation of FIBIT 2020´2:
Creative idea: Helen Kikkas-Tikerpe (Viru Keskus), Vladimir Loginov (Age Creative)
Videograph: Aleksandr Kovaljonok
Stylists: Liisi Eesmaa, Kenneth Bärlin
Make-up: Mammu
Hair modelling: Külliki Virulaane Vunk
Production: Stiilikanal, Anne Rinne
Models: Elo (Agency Icon); Marleen, Fenelle, Alan (Sage Management).

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