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Exhibition of EKA experimental artshapes was opened for the fourth year in Viru Keskus This year the game of shapes is called PADJAPIIR.


Exhibition “PADJAPIIR” was opened in Viru Keskus on February 1, with 19 fashion, textile and accessories students of the Estonian Art Academy (EKA) testing the limits of reality and dreams. The exhibition of experimental shapes “PADJAPIIR” is an experience created in partnership between the young talents of the Estonian Art Academy, fashion wizard Liisi Eesmaa and visual artist Flo Kasearu, blending reality and fiction, and creating a hybrid sense of an area bridging two worlds.

“This time the EKA exhibition of experimental shapes transports us to a cotton ball world of soft shapes and ghostly characters evolved from a dream world. A blanket world that protects and envelops, but also opens a portal to eerie nightmares,” says Liisi Eesmaa, one of the creative managers of the project.

The joint mission of the experimental shapes created during the seven-year period has become their production of leftover materials and this was the case this year as well. The materials were donated by a now defunct company that used to make pillows and blankets, but first they were used to make 240 pillow cases, 40 blankets and 20 bedsheets for the Ukrainian refugees here. Only then the materials that could no longer be used to help those in need were passed to the students. The offcuts were received with great enthusiasm – for example the piece “Urr” swallowed up 12 kg of batting and the dynamic “GORGO” utilised 150 metres of zippers meant for pillow cases. The main emphasis was mostly to create soft shapes, because these difficult times need a sense of security more than ever before. “Airbag club course… Experiment, try and fall as you wish, an airbag shaped and cooked by yourself will always save the day,” says Flo Kasearu to summarise the emotion. Liisi Eesmaa adds: “In this project I am inspired by the raw creative energy of the students and therefore doing this for the seventh time is anything but ordinary.”

The exhibition is hosted by its long-term partner Viru Keskus. “We are honoured to support the EKA exhibition of experimental shapes for the fourth consecutive year. Through the three years that have shaken the society the works of shape-creators have reflected public emotions in our Atrium. For Viru Keskus it is important to present the ideas of the fresh wave of Estonian fashion design,” states Kristel Sooaru, marketing and communication manager of Viru Keskus, about the partnership.

The works have been displayed in an environment feeling like a surreal dream, made especially colourful by the sensitive images by photographer Riina Varol. For the first time the gallery of photos has been displayed on huge pillows, conveying the soft values of the exhibition.

The exhibition can be visited free of charge.

Artists: Maria Roosiaas, Anastasia Makarova, Edvard Vellevoog, Freyja Tralla, Ron Verlin, Hanna Johanson, Hanna Tiina Pekk, Jaagup Kaiv, Kassandra Laur, Liisi Hinto, Rita Lenore, Kristiina Tali, Regina Vanner, Helena Kisant, Romet Kaljo, Stella Tukia, Triin Anijalg, Kristina Oja, Jentl Rietdijk (HOL).

Tutors: Liisi Eesmaa (Creative Director), Flo Kasearu
Photographer: Riina Varol
Production: Piret Puppart, Sirli Pohlak
Graphic design: Kertu Kibal, Emma Reim
MUAH: Mammu
Models: Janika (Agency Icon), Roman Fironov (Vector MGMT)

The event is sponsored by: EKA, Viru Keskus, Lipuvabrik, Kolimisrõõm, UKU Pure Earth, Uuskasutukeskus, Anna Viigi Stuudio, Nudist, Vector MGMT, Agency Icon

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