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Comprehensive guide of Viru Food Hall


Viru Food Hall is the only place in the centre of Tallinn where you can choose between 16 menus featuring different taste worlds. This cosy, but also glamorous place offers among others stone oven pizza, food experiences of Michelin level and tastes from six different ends of the world. Wondering, which food to taste? Detailed guide to Viru Food Hall makes it easier to choose.

F. Burger

In the list of fast food a la carte and White Guide recommendations you will find F. Burger that will tempt you with juicy burgers and refreshing hand made drinks under the guidance of chef Dmitri Fomenko. The menu also includes crunchy and healthy salads, and delicious soups. Both fans of classic hamburgers and waistline-friendly versions will find their favourite burgers here. The main attraction of F. Burger is a trio of freshly baked brioche, burger steak of local beef and rich sauce, but instead of a bun you could also discover potato patties and avocado. They say these are the best burgers in the centre of the city.


Mikkeller is also offering the best to be found in the centre of the city. Mikkeller is one of the best breweries in the world and its menu features above all very good craft beer. On the side they offer delicious chicken wings. The successful combination of beer with poultry is far from accidental as Mikkeller invited a cook straight from London to strengthen its kitchen flair. Chicken wings can also be nibbled at during the lunch break, because the bar menu includes an abundant selection of non-alcoholic drinks. The place created for cosy chatting with friends offers the comfy atmosphere familiar from the Mikkeller bars all over the world. One is certain: this is a new delight in Tallinn and visiting is obligatory!


KimiJimi is a little cousin of the well known Asian cuisine restaurant TaiBoh and offers the best of Asian street food. In the restaurant menu you will find dishes characteristic to Vietnam, Korea and Cambodia. In KimiJimi you can enjoy daily specials and choose Asian drinks to go with the food. Your new favourites of tiger prawn, curry chicken, soups and wok dishes are waiting for you!

Samsa Family Bakers

When we trace on a map the way from Asia to Estonia we will encounter the powerful and mysterious Uzbekistan. Uzbek traditions are most vividly expressed in their cuisine. Do you think that dumplings, meat pies, pilaf and shashlik cannot possibly surprise you with anything new? Allow the Samsa Family Bakers to prove you wrong. Instead of standard dumplings they serve large steamed mantis with minced onion and meat. Beware: never try to cut a manti with a knife, but hold it in your hands and start munching! Samsa is a pie made of puff pastry dough with yeast and here it is made with various meat and also sweet fillings. And you cannot get genuine Uzbek pilaf anywhere else. Its exceptional taste is created with herbs picked from Uzbek mountains and peas characteristic to the region that is a must for making this national dish.

PokeBowl & Meze

This restaurant offers iconic dishes of two areas. You have probably already discovered the Hawaii poke bowl that has quickly found its way into the hearts of the locals. This is a full meal packed with greens and vitamins. Meze is bringing us the rich food traditions of the Middle East, represented by such local superstars like falafels, hummus, kebab, dolma and the sweet dishes of the area like sugar confectionery, Turkish delight and baklava. By the way, the cook of Meze has done a lot of work to create chickpea balls falafels with just the right taste that Estonian people like and that is a taste experience on its own! But if you add baba ganoush for a sauce (means “spoiled daddy” in Armenian) and labneh, that is a soft cheese flavoured with herbs, then you are served an authentic delicacy of a sunny country.


MySushi is a city classic that will never fail you. The restaurant in the corner next to Tammsaare Park has created a very special atmosphere for enjoying traditional Japanese tastes. Sushi fans will certainly value the wide selection on the menu and the fast preparation of the food. Wide selection of drinks and the opportunity to enjoy a calm meal in the city centre are added bonuses. In warm months the restaurant expands to the outdoor terrace.

Stereo Street Food 

Stereo Street Food is also listed in White Guide and it has become one of the main attractions of Viru Food Hall. The restaurant brings the best sunny Latin American street food traditions to nordic Tallinn. Tiina Kõresoo, the so-called queen of pop-up restaurants in Tallinn has dedicated years to studying the most tasty recipes from Latin America, so you can be sure that here you will be offered finely perfected dishes with names, serving and cutting ways and components that bring to mind genuine Latin America. Even a large part of the ingredients are brought to Estonia from far away. You simply must try the yucca fries, tacos, picadillos, tiradito and of course orange wine. Stereo Street Food can be warmly recommended when you dare to try something very tasty and new!

Kolm tilli pizza & pasta 

The live flames in a hot stone oven are an irresistible attraction to visitors during the cold months. In this oven they make genuine Neapolitan pizza. Foodies are also tempted by the fantastic selection of hand made pasta. The acclaimed tastes refined in Tartu Aparaaditehas have come to the capital at last! In Viru Food Hall you can enjoy the best picks of Italian street food. The open kitchen turns out delicacies that include both traditional recipes and exciting offers and surprises.

Food Hall has thought of coffee and sweet fans as well. Desserts are served in most restaurants, but in addition there are also special cafes dedicated to the sweet tooth. Here you can put a fabulous finishing touch to your lunch or dinner or simply visit to enjoy a sweet dish.


Just a few steps from the ice cream temptation is cafe Papermill. Here you can get fantastic coffee made with passion to go with a sweet treat. You can rest assured that coffee is made of the best beans and it is made by following sustainable and green principles. To go with the coffee drink you will be offered fresh pastries and the rumour is that Karjase Sai — one of the most highly valued bakeries in Tallinn — is supplying the cafe with these.


Cafe Pavlova is the cherry on top of the experiences offered by Food Hall. The airy mini cakes are made right in front of the visitor in just a few minutes. The sweet clouds made of meringue, whipped cream, berries and fruit are a treat for many senses: this is a visual and gastronomical pleasure at the same time. If you don’t fancy the pavlovas this time, you can certainly find the perfect treat in the selection of puffs and eclairs. You cannot find any on this level in the city centre!

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