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Bret Rii’s Myverse


Bret Rii is a radio producer and music lover. In Viruverse she is a visitor with no known home planet. Greatest fan of animals.

The universe of Bret Rii sounds like this.

The centre of your Myverse:
Music! Music! Music!

The favourite star of your taste galaxy:
Passionfruit/pomegranate with its fresh sour taste.

The trend from light years away that you would revive:
Subsistence economy.

Beauty procedure that always helps when you feel like you have been sucked in by a black hole:
Alternating hot and cold showers, and 20 hours of uninterrupted deep sleep.

If you could travel to any point in the universe, you would go:
I would go and see for myself what and where those UFOs really are.

One thing you have recently changed in your habits to ensure that our planet would always beautify the Milky Way galaxy:
I love vintage shopping. When I buy new items I pay attention to choose high quality so that they would make somebody happy secondhand as well.

The one thing that you would make better in the universe with your super powers:
I would like to be like Robin Hood and float invisibly above the whole Earth.


The outfits of Bret Rii come from Viruverse.

Outfit 1
Sunglasses Le Specs / Watch Wear
Jacket and skirt: Stine Goya /Kaubamaja
Sweatshirt: Adidas x Stella McCartney / Sportland

Outfit 2
Blouse: Zara
Bodysuit and pants: Adidas x Stella McCarteny / Sportland
Bag: Mango

Styled by: Johanna Oden
Photographs by: Kalle Veesaar
The concept was created and IT dialogues were held by: Helen Kikkas-Tikerpe / Viruverse
Makeup by: Eliise Brigita Mõisamaa, Mari-Ly Kapp
Producer: Stiilikanal

* The Myverses s have been visualised by AI based on the persons answers.

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