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Beloved stores of MassimoDutti and Mango are reopened in Viru Keskus


Viru Keskus opens two new concept stores from world-famous brands – Massimo Dutti and Mango – as part of a comprehensive renovation of the center. Fashion Street on the second floor now offers visitors a more convenient and modern shopping experience and many new brands will join soon. 

“Fashion has been always the main focus of Viru Keskus and we have been working hard to bring the latest trends and new shopping opportunities to customers because the physical shopping experience has become more and more important next to the rise of e-commerce,” says Gertti Kogermann, the managing director of Viru Keskus. “Massimo Dutti and Mango are two familiar and very loved brands for our customers and we are very happy that Apranga Group has modernized the shop concepts and brought freshness to the whole shopping center,” he added.

“We have been partners with Viru Keskus since 2004.  And are happy with the remarkable reconstruction of the shopping center that every day is closer to the final stage. We are happy to welcome shopping center visitors to the expanded new concept Massimo Dutti and Mango stores,” says Rimantas Perveneckas, general manager of Apranga Group.

Together with the new stores, a new fashion street with a walking loop will start to come together. It will provide clients with a more convenient integrated passage through the freshly renewed Tallinna Kaubamaja Women’s World. The opening of Mango and Massimo Dutti is the first milestone of opening the fashion street – several new brands that have not been on the Estonian market before will open their doors in the near future.

Mango and Massimo Dutti were reconstructed in line with the eco-friendly requirements, emphasizing saving natural resources and using environmentally friendly materials. Mango store has been expanded and completely refurbished according to the newest store concept. It spans more than 480 square meters and offers a much wider assortment of garments for women. Mango is one of the most recognized brands of Viru Keskus collaborating with the shopping center from the first day of opening.

The relocated and more spacious Massimo Dutti store will introduce a completely new concept and represent the latest Massimo Dutti image which will be the first in the Baltic States. Always at the cutting-edge of where fashion, service and technology meet, Massimo Dutti continues with its commitment to offering new shopping experiences based on innovation and adaptation to customers’ new needs.

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