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At Viru Keskus Goldtime, glamour and diamonds were offered for breakfast


“It’s that time of year when you don’t have to wait until the evening dusk for celebrations; you can even start in the morning. That’s how yesterday, on December 6th, a true glamorous brunch was recreated based on one of the world’s most legendary films, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” and many women found themselves enchanted by the allure of diamonds, inspired by Audrey Hepburn.

At the Diamond Morning, participants were enlightened about the trends and history of the jewelry world. According to Aveli Kippar, a jewelry expert from Goldtime, in almost 25 years of history, Goldtime has experienced a lot of excitement, and the creation and wearing of jewelry have become significantly more diverse and full of possibilities.

In addition to Kippar, the event featured insights from esteemed jewelry designer, gemologist, and creator of the diamond brand Karine Parras, Karin Parras, sharing her experience in the jewelry world. The emotions of the glamour world’s red carpets were conveyed by the esteemed editor-in-chief of the magazine Säde, Kristi Pärn-Valdoja.

“I am truly delighted to introduce laboratory diamonds to Estonian women, in addition to those already familiar with diamonds extracted from the earth. It is worth knowing that laboratory diamonds are precious stones with identical chemical, physical, and optical properties to mined diamonds. Laboratory diamonds have a friendlier price range, providing greater options for choices,” says jewelry designer Karin. According to the designer, the jewelry collection with laboratory diamonds created specifically for Goldtime was an exciting collaboration.

The Diamond Morning was inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s timeless role in the cult film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Put on a silk dress, add pearl strands to adorn your neck, and let yourself be carried away by dreams. Know that no dream is too big! This is exactly how Holly Golightly thought in the iconic scene of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in front of Tiffany & Co.’s iconic shop window.

The event proved that glamour and diamonds are not only keywords for evening festivities. This is how the charming Eda-Ines Etti brought together the arriving guests through a luxurious jewelry wonderland at a delightful morning brunch. Lively conversations in the company of the delightful aromas of morning coffee and beautiful Chaidla latte art, mouth-watering croissants, and extravagant mimosas brought together a festive mood, allowing the company to take time before the hustle and bustle of Christmas and let their thoughts wander into the realms of wishful dreams.

Estonia’s largest luxury store, Goldtime, has opened  a brand new store on the 1st floor of Viru Keskus. In addition to Estonia’s largest selection of diamonds and luxury watches, the renovated store offers the best customer experience in Estonia and a unique 360-degree private jewelry consultation service.”

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