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A men’s pearl collection was presented at the Grenardi store in Viru Keskus


Continuing the celebration of its 15th birthday with the introduction of brand ambassadors and special collections, Grenardi presented a pearl collection for men to Estonia for the first time.

The internationally known Gellner pearl jewelry collection BOLD, which is only for men, has arrived at Grenardi salons. The collection was personally presented by brand ambassador Daniel Harer.

„Modern fashion allows broader boundaries in wearing jewelry, which does not imply a rejection of traditional gender roles. We see that more and more men are discovering pearls for themselves, expressing their natural masculinity and style,” introduced Daniel Harer, the representative of the Gellner pearl jewelry brand in Estonia. According to him, the bold step has paid off, and the collection has become popular worldwide.

„Along with the collection designed for men, Daniel Harer also brought news from the world of pearls for women to Estonia, and we find very interesting, quite dominant, and boldly expressive jewelry. We hope that these collections will appeal to our progressive, likely younger clients, as well as foreign guests who, over the past couple of years, have discovered Estonia’s selection of luxury goods,” added Julia Šandra, CEO of GRENARDI. According to her, the forward-thinking Estonian clientele has warmly embraced fashionable jewelry for both men and women with genuine interest.

The creation of pearl jewelry for men reflects a modern trend that has been highlighted by several prominent jewelry brands this season, such as MIKIMOTO and Tiffany, and worn by celebrities like ASAP Rocky, Pharrell Williams, Billy Porter, Shawn Mendes, and notably, Harry Styles. According to the Gellner designer, the direct aim of the collection was not to address different gender roles, but the creators are pleased if it provides additional support for diversity and expressiveness in each individual.

In 2023, GRENARDI’s jewelry store chain will celebrate its 15th anniversary. To mark the occasion, GRENARDI is organizing a series of meetings in Tallinn with some of the biggest stars in the jewelry world, who will come exclusively to Estonia for this event. This year, GRENARDI opened a unique salon with private service in the renewed Viru Keskus in the Baltics, featuring one of the best displays in the region, attracting enthusiasts and buyers from Estonia and neighboring countries.

Photoes by Egon Ligi, Grenardi

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