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A dental clinic 360Dental was opened in Viru Centre


In the health and beauty services floor of SC Viru Keskus, named Ilusfäär, the latest addition to the comprehensive list of health services is the dental clinic 360Dental.

The head of the new clinic, Dr. Maie Matšenas, who has over thirty years of experience as a dentist, is opening her fourth clinic. She was inspired by the idea of creating a new dental clinic in a downtown shopping center, primarily for the convenience of patients. Thus, patients can visit the dental clinic located in Ilusfäär even in the evenings and on weekends, when many other clinics are closed.

Dr. Matšenas notes that patients are more apprehensive about going to the dentist if they have to make time for it specifically. In a shopping center, however, the atmosphere is more relaxed, and the visit can be combined with other activities. Why not go with the whole family – do some shopping while one member visits the dentist?

In other parts of the world, especially in the Nordic countries, it’s very common for medical centers to be located near shopping centers. Another significant problem that the new clinic addresses is the opening hours. According to Dr. Matšenas’ experience, patients often find it difficult to get to the dentist because clinics are usually open during working hours. Therefore, the goal was to also open the clinic on weekends.

However, it was a considerable challenge as it’s difficult to find doctors willing to work on Saturdays and Sundays. Moreover, dentistry involves delicate manual work, and there can be no compromise on quality. Dentists cannot work long hours continuously. Dr. Matšenas herself has found a solution; she works from the morning until three o’clock, then rests for three hours, and does an evening shift. She is very pleased that the team of the new clinic is comprised of very experienced doctors.

Dr. Matšenas opened her first clinic in 1996. She had previously worked in a separate office as a sole proprietor, but as the number of patients grew, she decided to bring in other doctors and open a clinic. One clinic has naturally evolved from the other and they operate together. To optimally use expensive equipment, it is possible to offer different options to patients in interconnected clinics.

The newly opened clinic is equipped with the most modern technological solutions. Dr. Matšenas highlights, for example, the KaVo dental chairs, which are essentially the Rolls-Royces of dental care. Next to all chairs are X-rays and screens to show images to patients. The clinic has a 3D panoramic X-ray and CEFP, which allows taking lateral images of the face and skull.

At the 360Dental dental clinic, patients are welcomed to a cozy waiting area and three modernly equipped cabinets where various treatment procedures are carried out, offering adult and children’s dentistry, emergency care, surgical and implant solutions, wisdom tooth removal, and prosthetics. In the field of orthodontics, the new clinic offers “Teeth in Line” solutions and Ordoline therapy.

Teeth deep cleaning is performed by two hygienists in the clinic. The service “air-flow” or pearl soda cleaning removes lighter deposits and pigments from the surfaces of the teeth. For stronger deposits, ultrasonic and manual instruments are used.

Naturally, it is possible to perform all types of X-ray images: intraoral, OPTG, lower and upper jaw images, 3D, and cephalograph images, i.e., skull images.

Article by 360Dental and Goodnews.

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