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Micabella Estonia

Micabella was launched in 2001 with a vision to create a new high level and professional makeup line that is 100 % natural. Micabella is an international leader in the world of makeup. Micabella products consist of only natural pigments that have been manufactured of 100 % pure minerals. Combined with your natural skin oils the minerals provide perfect and long-lasting cover. Micabella mineral makeup line is very gentle and suited for the most sensitive skin. It contains no preservatives, chemical colorants, talcum, oils or other fillers and therefore it can be used with any skin type. In addition the Micabella makeup line has high antioxidant levels that help protect skin from damages and premature aging, reducing any damages already caused to skin. Micabella offers a wide variety of colors to allow anyone to find the perfectly suited and pleasant product. Micabella is the only makeup brand that blends various powder hues into one powder to enable customers to get a powder with their individual skin tone and later they can also mix their powder into a lighter or darker colour. The products can be used even with highly sensitive and hypoallergic skin types. No animal testing has been done with Micabella products.